Devil's Blood

by Ben Cummings

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"Devil’s Blood represents the beginnings of an excellent local talent. Ben Cummings has huge potential and in time, may well become a significant name in Australian music." - Lot's Wife

""Devil’s Blood is indeed a strong debut EP...Cummings tells heartfelt stories and poetic musings that need be no more than what they are: emotive, thoughtful and righteous." 3.5 stars - The Music


released September 1, 2013

Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering




Ben Cummings Melbourne, Australia

I'm a DIY songwriter who tries to make good music.

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Track Name: Devil's Blood
She said go, fuck around
Send some other people down
Over things said long ago

So in a house
Beneath the ground
I met your eyes so deep, so proud
Seven, eight feet down below

Like only evil could
You held me where I stood
'cause only devil's blood
Is thicker than your love

You clutched my hand
And led me out
I was moving blind to pain and doubt
Like a wounded animal

Your smouldering hair
Red and brown
Clung to my face, my chest, my mouth
And tasted like burnt caramel

Like only evil would
You held me where I stood
'cause only Devil's Blood
Is thicker than your love

Pushing up
And looking down
Pulled so close and so tight
There was no sound

Like only evil could
You held me where I stood
'cause only devil's blood
Is thicker than your love
Track Name: You Say You Know
You say you know
What every man could be
How can you know
If you ain't had me

I feel removed
But I can't work out why
I'll say hello
I won't say goodbye

I watch you work
Bringing food out now
Pen through your hair
Hand round a dish-drying towel

Almost every day
Morning, afternoon
I'm keeping watch
Watching you move

I'm still not sure
Just where you stand with me
Don't really know
Where I should be

But I can't help
Sneaking smiles at you when you're around
You looking up
And looking straight back down

And it feels like you're
Heading right toward me now
I'm just not sure
What we could talk about
Track Name: Sister
Me and my older sister
We grew up close in our own way
Talking 'cross our bedroom in the night time
Walking to school and back together each day

Then she met a boy in high school
Started walking a different way
Never once turned round as I stood
Said goodbye and waved

Our father worked in the car factory
After school some nights in the yard he'd wait
Saying work hard while you can, son
Your body won't always be your slave

And a working man's a happy man
Family, friends, and a little pay
Mean a man's able to rest
At the end of the day

My sister, she got married
Not a moment too soon, she'd say
In a public city garden
Dad gave his little girl away

But her husband drew her slowly
From her family, friends and me
I cried so hard for her some nights
I could hardly sleep

I worked hard like my father
Laying house bricks was my trade
But now in the winter my back gets so sore
I can barely stand up straight

Some weeks are better than others
Can't say I'm happy day to day
I miss my sister
And the babies I heard she's made
Track Name: Real Man
If I was a real man
Would you be coming with me
Instead of making me leave you now
Leave you only as a dream

I swear we'd never fight
Unless you wanted to do
And I'd never look at another
The way I'm looking at you

I might forget your name
But I never could your smile
Or the red you turn
Every time I meet your eyes

How you look so proud
But still a little hurt
Like you believe you should be here
But you're just not sure

I know that you'll be fine
Don't know if I'll be so
Can't recall ever feeling this deep in
With so many miles to go

But that's the way it is
And the only way I know
To say I wish we had a chance
To give it a good hard go